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  • The 4 E’s – Empowering Students

  • Enable

    ► Provide students with learning tools

    ► Teach students how to use the tools

    ► Create a safe environment that is conducive to learning

    ► Establish communication channels between the educator and students

  • Engage

    ► Lead students to value learning

    ► Motivate students to interact with other students

    ► Promote Inquiry Based Teaching

    ► Keep curiosity alive

    ► Make it relevant to students

  • Expect

    ► Set and achieve ambitious goals

    ► Bring out the best in students

    ► Recognize and acknowledge student capabilities

    ► Teach students to believe in themselves

    ► Use failure as a learning opportunity

  • Empower

    ► Know that to empower a student is to Enable, Engage and Expect them to succeed

    ► Gives students more responsibility to set their own directions