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  • The 4 C’s – Igniting Innovation

  • Communicate

    ► Listen for meaning, including knowledge, values, attitudes and intentions

    ► Inform, instruct, motivate and persuade

    ► Appropriate used of multiple communication technologies

    ► Communicate effectively in diverse environments

  • Critically Think

    ► Analyze evidence, arguments, claims, beliefs, ideas and points of view

    ► Use deductive, inductive and abductive reasoning as appropriate

    ► Ask pertinent questions

    ► Synthesize and evaluate information

    ► Make judgments and decisions

    ► Solve problems in both conventional and innovative ways

  • Collaborate

    ► Work effectively and respectfully with others

    ► Share information

    ► Be willing to negotiate and compromise to accomplish a common goal

    ► Share responsibility and accountability for collaborative work

    ► Value individual contributions made by each team member

  • Create

    ► Utilize idea creation techniques

    ► Incorporate dreams, visions & ideas

    ► Entertain new and diverse perspectives

    ► Realize practical limitations

    ► Understand that creativity is an iterative process that consists of successes and failures