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  • Creative Force Typtych

  • A Competitive Program from IAE

  • Creative Force Triptych (CFT) is an interdisciplinary program from IAE that will provide Liberal Arts students with instruction about the 4 C's and will provide them with an opportunity to use the 4 C's in a real-world application that will require innovation. CFT will be deployed in multiple phases. Phase 1 will involve teams of three students each in composing and performing a piece of music in three parts that describes and adds meaning to a work of fractal art that is also in three parts (a triptych). There are some simple guidelines, but there is no restriction on the type of music or the number of musicians needed to perform the music.
    Students may be coached by students currently pursuing their Masters in Music Arts. The guest artist is Don Bristow, a professional photographer and fractal artist. His groundbreaking series "Chaotica" has been exhibited in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Marble Falls and Tyler.
    The competition is a real-world application of the 4 C's, so instruction and oversight by IAE will be provided to ensure that the concepts are understood and exercised by all the competitors. Assessments will be made before and after each of the 4 C's is taught to help IAE improve the program. The conclusion of the Phase 1 program is an awards recital during which the winning composition will be played during the public unveiling of the fractal art triptych.
    During the Phase 1 pilot program, IAE will also be asking the student competitors for definitive answers to the following framing questions:
    1. Can music add meaning to visual art?
    2. How can visual artists and musicians collaborate?
    3. What challenges occur in a collaborative project?
    4. How do you know when a successful result has been achieved?
    5. Does competition help or hinder the creative process?
    6. Does practicing the 4 C's spur innovation?