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  • Greenhouse Marketing Plan

  • At the invitation of Lisa Krumm, Chapel Hill ISD Secondary Schools Curriculum Director, IAE designed a program for Chapel Hill Middle School 2011 Summer semester math and reading students that accelerated student interest and comprehension of the curriculum. The IAE program utilized the 4 C’s from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity) with a Real-World Project to engage students in learning by doing.

    The Real-World Project consisted of developing a Greenhouse Marketing Plan for an unused greenhouse located on the Chapel Hill High School campus.

    During the process of developing the Greenhouse Marketing Plan, the students measured the greenhouse, took inventory, identified repair needs, cleaned-up the greenhouse and visited a local nursery with working greenhouses.

    More importantly, the students were able to apply the concepts of their Summer math and reading classes taught by Atlihan Binoz, Vicky Tave and Zach Williams. The results will be measured and shared here in mid-July.

    The Greenhouse Marketing Plan will be used in the Fall semester as a template for using the greenhouse to generate revenue for future student activities.