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"One key competency that employers across the board value in employees is the ability to think creatively and logically in order to solve problems."

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Are Our Children Prepared for Success in the 21st Century?

Americans are competing in a global economy that demands workforce innovation. 1
Over 75% of executives believe that critical thinking skills will become more important to their organizations in the next three to five years. 2
CEOs surveyed by the American Management Association indicated that 81% considered innovation to be the single most important factor to ensure the future success of their business.3
Workplace-readiness skills including communication, organization, research, group participation and leadership, are essential. 4
The National Center for Education Statistics does not include student workplace readiness skills for the 21st century. 5
1 Partnership for 21st Century Skills
2 AMA 2010 Critical Skills Survey
3 U.S. Council on Competitiveness
4 Southeast Comprehensive Center
5 National Center for Education Statistics

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Utilizing the 4 C's to Spur Innovation
so that students will be competitive in the 21st century global economy

In order to avoid compromising our youth's future, a major paradigm shift from the delivery model of facts and information to a hybrid model that includes meaningful learning acquired through relevant experience is necessary.


Innovation Advancing Education (IAE) has developed data-driven programs that motivate student achievement and teacher leadership. IAE's New Hybrid Approach infuses real world relevance into curriculum by training students and teachers in the 4 Cs from Partnership for 21st Century Skills™ and by incorporating people who have industry experience into the classroom.


The 4Cs from Partnership for 21st Century Skills™ consist of Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity. However, IAE enhanced the 4C's by perceiving the concept as a 3-dimensional model. Click here to learn more about IAE's concept of the 4 Cs.


Learn how IAE prepares students to be competitive in the 21st century global economy by visiting the links below.

IAE infuses critical thinking into the existing curriculum to improve overall student performance.
IAE students complete projects having real-world applications to exercise their new critical thinking skills.

Current Project

Creative Force Triptych - right panel

Creative Force Triptych
A Competitive Scholarship Program from IAE


Creative Force Triptych is an interdisciplinary scholarship program from Innovation Advancing Education that is intended to introduce liberal arts student to the concepts of the 4 C's from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills™ (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity).


The Creative Force Triptych program will rollout in three phases, with each phase adding a new discipline and demanding a more rigorous application of the 4 C’s


Phase 1 of the program is being deployed at Tyler Junior College during the Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 semesters, and it will involve students interested in music composition and performance.


More information and links to resources are available here: Creative Force Triptych


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